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I translate between English and Czech.
I love new challenges, good reads and work done well.
My name is Eva Dobrovolná and I am ready to help you.

Outstanding results

Translation awards

I always strive for the best possible outcome. Besides my happy clients and readers, my work has been appreciated by fellow professionals as well. It’s an honor that my translations have recieved translation awards from the Czech Literary Translators‘ Guild, the Czech section of the International Board on Books for Young People and the publishing house Albatros.

Tomáš Hrách Award

1st Prize in Jiří Levý

Nomination for the Golden Ribbon Award

Tomáš Hrách Award

Professional translations

marketing, education, websites

I translate from English to Czech or from Czech to English.

I mostly work in these fields: marketing, ekology and sustainability, personal development, travel and turism, health and nutrition, education, civil engineering.

I translate university study materials, exhibition texts, grant applications or websites.

Have a different topic in mind? Go ahead and ask!

Translating literature

fiction, non-fiction, films

I love the challenge of working on creative texts. I’m grateful for all the amazing literary pieces I had the chance to translate into Czech.

I also create and proof-read subtitles for movies or documentaries.

It’s my pleasure to put the skills I’ve been honing on literary translations to use when translating non-fiction or other semi-literary texts.


Clients who vouch for me

About the translation of Axolotl Roadkill: “The translation, challenging both liguistically and in terms of experience, has grasped all the essentials; the general message as well as the details and nuances are rendered convincingly and with a great talent.”

Václav Jamek | WRITER AND TRANSLATOR (Josef Jungmann Award committee) 

“We hired Eva Dobrovolná to translate our new online order form (3 files). Ms Dobrovolná translated them very quickly and carefully. In case of unclear source, she reached out to clarify before submitting the correct result. She was helpful, skilled and professional. We are happy to vouch for her.”

Jana Kočišová | sales assistant at  Delta Plus Czech republic

“We cooperate with Eva Dobrovolna regularly and we are completely satisfied with her services. She is responsible and flexible, pays attention to details and always meets the deadlines. We highly recommend working with her!”

Nikoletta Ujvari | project manager at LinguaMED

“We have been very satisfied with the translation quality and her responsible and inventive approach to tasks. The results were exactly what we needed and we would definitely use the services of Eva Dobrovolná again in the future. We can totally vouch for her!”

Petr Horák | manager of the Moving Service

“It is great to work with Eva Dobrovolná. She can handle last-minute tasks with much needed flexibility. I appreciate her professional approach. She pays a great attention to detail and always meets deadlines. I highly recommend working with Eva.”

Ivana Jirsenská | marketing Manager at MY FOOD Market

“We hired Eva Dobrovolná to translate texts for the English version of our website. Mrs Dobrovolná was very helpful and translated the texts very quickly and professionally. Moreover, all communication was very pleasant 🙂 We can highly recommend working with her.”

Lucie Valovičová | Project manager at Reinto

“Specialized translations in the field of civil engineering – always professional and willing to improve knowledge in technically very specific terms, providing flexible solutions to often quite time-intensive translations. Always accommodating and helpful, pleasant cooperation:)”

Jiří Waclawik | Project manager at Arch.Design

“Helpful, punctual, professional and with a proactive attitude. There words  come in mind first when summarizing our cooperation with Mgr. Eva Dobrovolna on the translation of a highly specific text from the field of construction.”

Ing. Petr Šmuhař | ceo at STON Management s.r.o.

“Friendly and helpful cooperation. Prompt delivery despite the challenges of the technically very specific text. Everything was perfect from start to finish. I’m happy to vouch for Eva Dobrovolná!”

Jakub Gajda | ecological construction builder and vlogger

“For one of our major customers, we needed to provide linguistically and technically top-quality translation of a highly specialized catalogue in the field of engineering, where the translator needed to be able to draw on two languages simultaneously: English and German. We approached Eva Dobrovolna and she was a great choice. Eva submitted a translation of very high quality, both linguistically and technically. Communication with her was smooth, flexible and always straight to the point. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Luis Miskovsky | ceo at Cassia Trade Limited

“The translation into English was done swiftly and with a great dose of helpfulness. I’m very satisfied with the outcome and will definitely use Eva Dobrovolná’s services again in the future. I’m happy to vouch for her!”

Petr Vacátko | writer


Translated books

Journey to the Last River

Adventurous exploration of the Amazons

Church of Marvels

Multi-layered historical novel


Magic realism inspired by fairy tales


Where I learned all this

Translating is quite a complex skill. I didn’t learn all that overnight. I got my Bachelor’s degree in English and German studies, then my Master’s degree in English and German translation at the Masaryk University in Brno. I’m immensely grateful to those amazing teachers I had the chance to learn from.

I spent a year studying at the Marburg University in Germany and a year studying at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Those experiences were literally priceless.

I have been working as a professional translator since 2009. Since then quite a heap of texts has passed through my hands. In this profession there is always so much to learn. Luckily, I’m very curious. And I love learning.

I’m qualified, skilled and experienced. I’m happy to put all this to use on my next project.

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